BOOK TALK: Journey back to Books

BOOK TALK: Journey back to Books

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That first blog post… Always the hardest.

It has been a long while since I have engaged my brain to write.  Too long.  In fact, I can feel the creaking and groaning as the cobwebs slowly drop away, and sadly it has also been a very long while since I have read anything but the odd newspaper article.

I don’t know why I lost the urge to pick up a book; its certainly not from a lack of good books, with lots on offer both new and old.  I have a huge amount of charity/thrift shops local to me that are full to the brim of books just waiting for a new owner; to be read and be loved, then added to the bookshelf if loved a lot or returned to the shop if not.

Certainly not time either.  I feel I spend a good majority of my day either waiting for a bus or being on it, and when having bad days I have large amount of time on my hands which have sadly been used by watching unmemorable rubbish on television… Boooo hisss… Bad Terri!

Charity shop finds

I can honestly say it has been at least 3 years since I felt inspired to grab a book and sit and do nothing but read it, to escape and enjoy a good story…  and yes I do have my reasons… however they would be wasted words and are for another time.  What is done is done.

Following renovations my books have mostly been pushed to some storage boxes… 3 rather large rather full boxes.  I have the Ikea shelving ready, I just need a handyman to put it up and I hope to share with you what it looks like when its finished.  For now they look really sad.

Sad storage of books

So I was ready… ready to be bookish and enjoy bookish things again, and what better way to enjoy and share the love of books than to blog about them.

After a number of bookish conversations with my good friend Anne, she was kind enough to invite me to join her on the blog Five More Mins.  I was really pleased to accept her offer and of course you cant do things half assed so jumped in with gusto.

Having found a number of unboxing videos I discovered that you can not only buy great books, you can subscribe to crates of amazing books and book related goodies to drop through your letter box monthly…  I thought well OMG I don’t smoke, rarely drink and the only spending habit I do have is stickers ‘n’ washi tape, I love to plan…

So after some umming and ahhhing and a few nights checking out videos and insta photos I decided to get 3 book subscriptions; 2 monthly and 1 quarterly, all themed around new young adult books.

These lovely looking boxes of wonder will hopefully be arriving in the next few weeks or so and I hope to share with you via vlogs and blogs what they contain… now all I need to grip is my excitement.

Knowing these boxes wouldn’t arrive until the middle/end of the month I took up a recommendation from Anne, and purchased my first new books in a very long time…

The first 3 of A Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J . Maas

Topaz the Book Guardian

I have always been a lover of thrift bought books because I consume them so quickly, to buy new gets expensive.  However when receiving these books I was in awe of the feeling of being the first person to fold the spine and open the pages of these books.  It was so fresh and crisp, and so very beautiful.

I am really glad to have had these be the first books to welcome me back into the world of escapism and a different world.  I will leave further details until my next post…

My review of these books.


I look forward to getting to know you all xx


  1. Posted by Themaybegirl, at Reply

    Yay, first post done, that’s the hard part out of the way.
    I can’t wait for the first box to arrive. I’m beyond excited!

    I just had to go back and get rid of a several exclamation marks, that’s how excited I am!

    • Posted by tizgoodtoread, at Reply

      You know you have a slight issue when you start stalking the postman

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