#TBT – Secret Vampire: Book 1 (Night World) by L J Smith

#TBT – Secret Vampire: Book 1 (Night World) by L J Smith

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To keep things interesting each week we are going to share a book from our past… It could be a book that we remember fondly,  a book we can’t help but read again and again, a book from a particular time, or even just a book that helped someone during hard times.

I learnt to read from a very early age, my family spending hours reading aloud every Sunday.  It created a huge love for books by the time I reached school, out-reading both first and middle school libraries within the first year of each; spending every free moment I had with my nose in a book, sometimes even in bed with a torch when I should have been asleep.

On reaching high school I was happy to find a huge, stocked library for me to raid on a daily basis; the place becoming my sanctuary from the not so nice popular people who don’t look kindly on bookish geeks.  I could escape during my free lessons, not only in person, but into the books and stories too.

Now, when I first thought of this feature and cast my mind back over the large number of books I have read, the first books that popped into my mind were the ones I shared with my family: The Hungry Caterpillar, Burglar Bill and The Giant Jam Sandwich.  Sadly, as these are mostly pictures, it would be a bit of a short review and a bit more of a show and tell.

So I turn to a favourite from my teenage years…

As you can see from the photo this book has been loved very well.  Having leased it out a huge amount of times from the school, it was gifted to me when I left, as within a year the school was completely relocated and all the library was sold off.


Love was never so scary… The night world is all around us –

A secret society of Vampires, werewolves, witches and creatures of darkness, they’re beautiful and deadly and its so easy to fall in love…

Poppy is dying. Her best friend, James can offer her eternal life – as a vampire. One kiss and she sees into his soul. But can she follow him into death …and beyond?


Book Details

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books (1997)
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN-10:  0340687517
ISBN-13:  978-0340996621

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Secret Vampire is an amazing book.  My copy was released back in 1997, way before the refreshed look which was published, I believe, following the success of the TV series The vampire Diaries which this author also wrote (Please read the books).

It was one of the first supernatural series I had read which was quickly followed by the likes of Anne Rice and The Interview with the Vampire, I have to say that the way that the supernatural history and lore is described is certainly unique and moves away from the more traditional stereotypes like Bram Stokers Dracula.

It starts with the sad realisation that Poppy is going to die , but her best friend James has a secret, a secret which no human can know and live….

A typical Teenage story with the little things like vampires, witches, and forbidden love thrown in for good measure, also a prophecy which could change the world for both humans and the night world which continues through the series.

I have always been a quick reader but this series was one I couldn’t stop reading; each book flowing into the next, however the first was always the best for me.

It was an absolute favourite during my teenage years, even some of the pages are beginning to fade having read it so many times surviving many house moves it will be a series on my bookshelf for many years to come.


N.B. The books used for this review were purchased by the reviewer.


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  1. Posted by Pixie, at Reply

    Loved this review! I read these books myself,I loved the books.

    I was always in my school library reading anything I could get my hands on and now I’m no different still a huge book nerd and loving every second of it x

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