#TBT – Kabuki Cirle of Blood By David Mack

#TBT – Kabuki Cirle of Blood By David Mack

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Welcome to my next installment of TBT.  This week I wanted to share with you my love of Graphic novels and comics.

Like most people born in the 80’s I was raised with cartoons and comics from Marvel, Dark Horse and DC.

Enjoying X-men, Captain planet, Spiderman, Transformers the list is just endless… Now i didn’t collect, unlike some friends that have amassed an impressive collection of thousands of comics, many days spent going through comic book conventions and stores to try and find that illusive missing issue.

Yes… I know before the internet where you can find everything on ebay we actually had to physically search for things. Shocking!!

As I grew older I ventured away from comics and their original form and edged more towards grapic novels, I stumbled over a number and what I discovered is that these are certainly not just a comic, not a picture book for a lazy reader they are Art.

Kabuki is my graphic novel of choice and it is an absolutely amazing example, no matter how many times I read and look at it I always find something I missed previously.

Beautiful scenes both detailed and descriptive a picture certainly does say a thousand words, each scene has layers of meaning and intent.

The words that are used flow well not only in bubbles like the usual comics, but through them, in them, around them, hiding in unsual ways and making it an interactive journey.

This comic based in Japan takes us into the underworld of Japan and the fight against the gangs and a circle of assassins hired to maintain balance in a troubled city.

We follow the main character Kabuki, learning her family history and how she was trained in the deadly arts which is all interwoven into the her current journey and the job at hand.

Sharing culture from Japan, snippets of history, pop culture references, violent blood spattered scenes and some deeply emotional moments.

I share a handful of the art work, my photos not doing them justice at all, each masterpiece flowing into the other… its not something I can capture.

So when your next browsing in your local book shop, take a look at the graphic novels, you may find that hidden treasure.

I recommend that you track down a copy of Kabuki it is a truly stunning read a masterpiece in its own right.

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