REVIEW: Love Like Blood by Mark Billingham

REVIEW: Love Like Blood by Mark Billingham

Adult, Crime, Mystery/Thriller



As DI Nicola Tanner investigates what appears to be a series of organised killings, her partner Susan is brutally murdered, leaving the detective bereft, and vengeful.


Taken off the case, Tanner enlists the help of DI Tom Thorne to pursue a pair of ruthless killers and the broker handing out the deadly contracts.


As the killers target their latest victim, Thorne takes the biggest risk of his career and is drawn into a horrifying and disturbing world in which families will do anything to protect their honour.

Book Details

Publisher: Little, Brown (1 Jun. 2017)
Format: Hardback
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0751566888
ISBN-13: 978-0751566888

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I’m a huge fan of Mark Billingham, and his character Thorne although shamefully I haven’t kept up with the series.  I still remember first reading Sleepyhead, Scaredy cat and Lazybones and being blown away by the characterisation and attention to detail… In fact, it was those three books that got me interested in reading crime/thrillers.  Love Like Blood is another absorbing read that keeps you guessing and then throws in a bit of a curveball with an unexpected twist.

Thorne is joined by DI Tanner (who I believe has appeared before but as I mentioned, I haven’t read them all), it’s an unlikely match but works really well.  Tanner is one for following the rules and Thorne… not so much.  The theme of honour killings is very sensitively handled and it’s great to see that there’s still so much depth to the research because it really does add to the story.

If you’ve never read a Mark Billingham book and are worried about joining a series so far in, there’s no need to be.  You can jump right in and enjoy the story without any problems  Although I do highly recommend reading his other books too, you won’t be disappointed.

N.B. A review copy was provided via Netgalley in return for my unbiased opinion.

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