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And so another month comes to an end, where did the time go?  As of this month we’re adding a new monthly feature to the blog; A monthly wrap up post, where we’ll share our Books read and our book haul for the month. Anne’s May Book Haul It started[…]

BOOK TALK: Journey back to Books

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That first blog post… Always the hardest. It has been a long while since I have engaged my brain to write.  Too long.  In fact, I can feel the creaking and groaning as the cobwebs slowly drop away, and sadly it has also been a very long while since I[…]

  1. Themaybegirl: Yay, first post done, that's the hard part out of the way. I can't wait for the first box to…

    • tizgoodtoread: You know you have a slight issue when you start stalking the postman