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This book was amazing! A shining star in a world of literary darkness, it’s as close to perfect as a book can get… if there were any flaws I didn’t notice or remember them because I was so emotionally involved, I’m pretty sure it made my soul sing. This is an infinity stone of books, lending my bookcase the power to save mankind, maybe even universe. I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone I meet whether they wanted to know about it or not… My copy of the book will be staying on the bookshelf where it’s safe (and to avoid accidentally triggering an apocalypse or something). Friends will just have to get hold of their own copy, but then it’s such a good book everyone should have a copy anyway!

I loved this book! I may have noticed a few flaws but even if I did, they weren’t enough to interrupt the flow of the story.  I probably got so absorbed I lost track of time reading this book but like an unpolished diamond it just lacked that extra little bit of magic that would have really made it shine.  I’d probably lend my copy to friends if they asked really nicely, but I know where they live, and I WILL turn up unannounced if it doesn’t make it back to me in good time!

This was a good book.  I enjoyed reading it and I’d recommend it to others but it wasn’t without its flaws. Good for some brief escapism but not enough depth or consistency to provide the total immersion you would want from a truly good book.  I’d happily lend my copy to friends but wouldn’t cry if it didn’t make it back to me.

It was an okay book.  I managed to read it without too much difficulty but that’s about as much excitement as I can muster. There may have been some good bits but overall this book just didn’t have enough redeeming qualities to summon any opinion other than ‘meh’.  In other words, if this book was a pie it would suffer from a soggy bottom… It was full of promise but ultimately ended in disappointment. I’d pass my copy on to someone else but wouldn’t expect it back.

I made it to the end kicking and screaming.  If you ask me about the book you’ll probably get one of two possible responses.  1)  I’ll be able to tell you in great and lengthy detail exactly why I hated this book until you regret starting the conversation and hope you can slip away unnoticed.  Or, 2)  I won’t be able to tell you much of anything about the book because I can’t remember it.  At all.  Can bad books destroy brain cells? because I’m pretty sure this one killed a few off.  If I give you this book I probably don’t like you much and I definitely don’t want it back.

No, just no.  In the event of a zombie apocalypse I would happily use this book as a weapon because, to be honest, it’s so bad that even the sight of it would probably be enough to repel even the most eager of brain munchers.  On second thoughts, perhaps someone should call on the Winchesters to perform a salt and burn because this is one tortured spirit we do NOT want returning.